MalaxationA good oil goes hand in hand with a good harvest. A good harvest necessarily implies treating the olive trees with care, so that they do not suffer excessively from the collection work. Healthier olive trees mean less illnesses, plagues and a more organic management in line with the needs of the land and the environment.

We harvest early. We set the date each year depending on the weather and the olive’s degree of ripeness. In general terms, the collection is finished by the month of November. We harvest with the help of mechanical vibration machines and supporting olive harvesters, with nets spread on the floor to collect the falling olives. Once collected, the olives are taken to the mill straight away (which is half an hour away from the olive grove). There, the olives are ground and the oil obtained following the two-phase continuous system, by which the separation of the oil from the olive paste is carried out by the centrifugal force applied to olive paste that separates the different phases on the base of their different densities. This is always done at a low temperature (“cold pressing”) so that the sensory qualities of the juice remain intact.
Once obtained, the oil is kept in stainless steel deposits using aninerting system.
After working with PET containers, this year we decided to increase the offer of glass and cans, much better with regards to oil preservation.

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