Production Model

Olivares2We produce olive oil, but not any kind of olive oil, we produce oil from living olive trees.

We take vital care of our olive oil, looking closely at all the production and management stages to obtain excellent quality oil.

The olive trees are managed following the criteria of organic farming. We try to improve the land’s biodiversity and control soil erosion by growing plant covers between lines, adding organic matter to the soil, treating olives only with fungicide (copper, which is approved by European regulations in relation to organic production), and pruning and collecting the olives with maximum respect for the trees. During the harvest, we take great care of the state of the olive, we do not harvest ill trees or damaged olives, we never use fallen olives and we ensure the shortest period of time takes place between harvest and milling (the same day if possible). We harvest in November, when the olive’s ripeness calls for it, so that we guarantee oil of the best possible quality.

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