conojasOlivo vivo is currently a project very much in its infancy, growing slowly. The land is located in Cordoba’s municipal district, two kilometres away from the lane starting at km. 411 of A4 Madrid-Seville road. It consists of 13 hectares of arbequina olive trees of some 15 years of age.

The olive grove was semi-abandoned for four or five year and it was in 2010 that we started considering the possibility of resuming its management and production. Since then its management has been completely organic and in 2012 we started the official organic certification process.

This is a cooperative family project currently consisting of three people. Working together, we are learning to manage the work the best possible way and, little by little, we start to divide labour: olive grove management, packaging and labelling, marketing, administrative work, meetings with consumers’ groups, etc. It is a living and changing project that listens to the needs and vital moments. Little by little, we try to earn our bread with the oil.


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